Friday, October 24, 2008

poem "forgive me" by Nicholas lex Nyagang

“forgive me” by Nicholas Nyagang

Every time I ignore you
Forgive me,
Every day I hurt you
Forgive me,
When the trouble come, I blame you
Forgive me,
You always be there for me
Never left,
Your compassion above all
You love forever,
God how loving you are
Forgive me, my everything,

Author Background
This poem “forgive me” by Nicholas Nyagang. This is the first poem wrote by Nicholas Nyagang one of the Malaysian writers. He was born in 21 February 1987, he entered National university of Malaysia (UKM) bangi, in year 2007, where he study his first degree in literature in English. Before he publish his first poem he has wrote many poems and none of it was successfully, he never give up trying until he finally wrote his first poem “forgive me’ in the year 2008. Now he is the part time writers and student at National University of Malaysia.

Poem analysis
This poem is about the pesona who always blame God. He never grateful to the Creator and whatever trouble come to him he will turn to God and blame him for giving him trouble and think that God never be at his side, until he realize that how wonderful God love to him even he was are sinner but God always forgive and love him and that never change. Even what we are doing good or bad, when the time of sorrow and trouble comes remember that God never let you alone in the difficult time.

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