Saturday, October 25, 2008

“why” by Nicholas Lex Nyagang

“why” by Nicholas Lex Nyagang

We always talk about democracy
An equal right for everyone,
I speak the truth, they ask me to shout up
Why, because I’m Indian,
In this soil ground, my great grandparent fight for independence,
Why now, you say I am an arrival,

here where I am born, grew up becoming boy,
an adult, yet they say I’m outsiders ,
why, where is democracy as they say,
now I’m tell you, this is my place,
where my son, daughter, and my grandson will live,
we died for this land, until the last breath
why, can’t you say we are brothers

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mcjayn said...

bena ya... wah, penuh prasaan poem dik..

nama hal nadai update baru deh?